The beginning of Great History is written by a little Idea.

From a former commercial enterprise of biological and fine chemicals, the ALNA-Bioscience has grown into a leading research company. Stages of a companie’s history that impress indeed even though they seem to have just began.

  • 2003 the foundation of a single-operated commercial enterprise by Ali Nahavandi. Operating from a 6m2 working space, the entrepreneur starts his commerce with paper filters and chromotagraphy injections.
  • 2004 the company officially registers as Alna-International e.K. in the book of commerce. At this point the company consists of 3 employees.
  • 2005 the company moves to Hamburg Wandsbek. The enterprise is focused on ALNA-Lifescience products and initiates its own production with 5 employees on a total of 400m2 working space.
  • 2006 another removal for more working space on 600m2. Meanwhile 6 employees work on the expansion of the trade volume. Lifescience Research and Production Services (R&E) are initiated.
  • 2007 client specific synthesis on demand and research contracts are implemented in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute. The company changes into a „GmbH & Co. Kg“. A reference guide on Molecular Science and Lifescience is being published by the assistance of 8 employees.
  • 2008 under the registered trademark of ALNA-BIOSCIENCE the commerce of biological and fine chemicals is set up. More services are being integrated, demands of small and big companies in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceutology are executed.
  • 2009 the latest removal into a new building complex with a total capacity of over 700m2 laboratory, 1.300m2 storage and 1.000m2 office space, divided into cool, freeze and dangerous goods storage facilities. The process of qualification due to ISO is in rapid process and the first catalogue representing the total volume of business is just being published. Furthermore, we are in the very midst of developing a new product line. The first step to another business section is being taken.
  • 2010 Alna-Bioscience is happy for a few new heads in our team. After 7 years of research work, new product developments are added to our portfolio. Further developments in the pharmaceutical field lead to the foundation of our sister company Alna-Pharm situated in the same location. The brand Alna is being officially saved and worldwide represented in 20 categories in more than 50 countries.
  • 2011 begins with the foundation of another sister company in the section of laser systems for applications in the field of dentology, neurosurgery and ophthalmology in the same location: Alna-Medicalsystem. At the same time a complex and very intense process of certification for innovative medical laser systems is initiated. With success - due to a very careful and attentive ISO-Certification after 9001 and 13485, successfully implemented for all existing companies of the Alna-Holding. Again, we are happy to welcome more manpower in our team.
  • 2012 the new innovative laser systems of the sister company Alna-Medicalsystem, ICCY® were presented to the world at world international medical exhibition MEDICA for the first time. Alna-Bioscience started planning for manufacture of custom reagents in pharmaceutical development and production.
  • 2013 further expansion of an international distribution network and the implementation of other international partners of Alna Group took place. In the same year the worldwide patent for a new breakthrough product of the sister company Alnapharm was granted. For this product a major clinical trial was started in the same year.
  • 2014 OSVALIN ®, the first biologically active silicon dioxide, a dietary supplement of the sister company Alnapharm is registered on the European market. It was launched at first in the german market in the same year. Alna-Medicalsystem extended the Laser sales to worldwide.
  • 2015 The clinical trial for the new patented product of the sister company Alnapharm was completed successfully. Osvalin® could gain international approvals and is launched in the international market.

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"Discover more science." Alna-Bioscience’s motto expresses the enterprise’s goal to stay connected with healthy life. It has committed itself to life science...


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Alna-Bioscience is a protein contract research and production services company specializing in recombinant protein expression, protein purification, and protein characterization.

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