Not just symptoms, but people!

Life ist the central aim of the ALNA-BIOSCIENCE and life is the focus of our research. We make Science live is the ambitious slogan of the company and keeps us looking forward. Looking forward when further development of modern medicine is called for and a successful application is needed. Keeping up the pace when responsibility is asked for. We feel close to a healthy life which goes hand in hand with our responsibility for the human-being as such. As for this many one reason, our complete attention is directed to life science products.

In close cooperation with research organizations, we launch new products and materials from life science into the market and participate in the development of new products in the field of biotechnology. Our experts stay in close exchange with the latest stages of science to keep up our product volume to state-of-the-art in Research and Development.

Mission: Products for life

"Discover more science." Alna-Bioscience’s motto expresses the enterprise’s goal to stay connected with healthy life. It has committed itself to life science...


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Customized Services

Alna-Bioscience is a protein contract research and production services company specializing in recombinant protein expression, protein purification, and protein characterization.

more than 1000 products

One major vision guides all our highly specialized, tailor-made solutions. This is, as we consider, the ideal starting point for our common goal of laying more milestones in biotechnology while remaining in close cooperation with our clients. "Discover more science."