Organic Bases

Here is a selection of our products:

Description Cat. No.
Diethylamine, Free Base BCB110010
Diethylamine Hydrochloride, Purity 99% BCB110011
4-Dimethylaminopyridine BCB110012
trimethylamine Hydrochloride, Purity >98% BCB110013
trimethylamine Hydrochloride, hydrochloride christaline BCB110014

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Alna-Bioscience is a protein contract research and production services company specializing in recombinant protein expression, protein purification, and protein characterization.

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One major vision guides all our highly specialized, tailor-made solutions. This is, as we consider, the ideal starting point for our common goal of laying more milestones in biotechnology while remaining in close cooperation with our clients. "Discover more science."