Protein Purification

Purified protein is indispensable for research and drug discovery programs. Alna-Bioscience has extensive experience and expertise in protein purification from multiple sources including bacteria, yeast, insect, plant, mammalian cells or tissue sources. The starting material can be generated in-house or provided by the client. We perform purification from research to high- throughput screening scale quantities. Our services are customized to identify efficient and cost-saving methods that accelerate your research.

Standard portein purification

  • Protein denaturation and refolding
  • Affinity purification: IMAC, GST, FLAG, Myc, HA, heparin, phosphocellulose, antibody matrices, custom matrices
  • Classic chromatography: ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction, size exclusion, dye-ligand, regular and reverse-phase HPLC

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Customized Services

Alna-Bioscience is a protein contract research and production services company specializing in recombinant protein expression, protein purification, and protein characterization.

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One major vision guides all our highly specialized, tailor-made solutions. This is, as we consider, the ideal starting point for our common goal of laying more milestones in biotechnology while remaining in close cooperation with our clients. "Discover more science."